Short for Remotely Operated Vehicle

We’ve had many different ROV’s, but have now found the best one for our uses. The ROV weighs about 40 kg, and has 7 powerful thrusters. The depth Rating is 500m. Our ROV is equipped with:

Realtime sonar

Realtime sonar that presents images of what’s in front of the ROV


Positioning of the ROV that lets us see where on the map the ROV is located, delivers a printout of where the ROV has been with coordinates.

Extra thruster

The ROV has an extra thruster port wich can be used for brushes and cutting tools, or a custom tool for a custom job.

Griparms & rope cutter

The ROV can be equipped with a griparm, or a rope cutter that cuts 32 mm ropes easily


The ROV system is portable and easily transported

16a 230v power course

The ROV uses a 16a 230v power source


We have two boats that have been customized for use with our ROV. A Hårek 22″, and a Minor 34″ that has an advanced Jet Anchor system from HamiltonJet, and dynamic positioning.

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