specialist in underwater inspections and repairs

K.A.J. Dykkertjeneste AS – A Norwegian Company since 1986 –


Our strengths is that we have a quick response time in emergencies, knowledge about ships and concrete related repairs, and have all the equipment we need in house.

K.A.J Dykkertjeneste AS has specialized in underwater inspection and repairs. However, during many years of operation we have successfully performed a variety of tasks, from minor lifting jobs to minesweeping for the Navy. Our competency extends far beyond our core activity and we still perform all types of sub-surface work…

Fast response and extensive know-how

Professional execution of all assignments is guaranteed

These are some of the assignments we perform:

OV (Remotely operated vehicle)

Diving assignments


Inspection, filming & sample collection

Cable & pipe work

Search, lifting and salvage

Subsurface drilling & explosives

Excavation & flushing

Rock drilling

Mooring & Anker handling

Quay construction & repair


Sub-surface welding & torch cutting


Sand & dry ice blasting (over & under water)

K.A.J. Dykkertjeneste AS

Du finner oss landlig til i Skomakerveien 4, 1640 Råde.

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Skomakerveien 4, 1640 Råde
Phone: +47 922 62 015
E-mail: kaj@dykkertjeneste.no